Widder Brothers Inc., a small, woman owned business, is an established textile manufacturer which supplies specialized fabrics for military use.  Our major specialty is cartridge cloth used in propelling charges for artillery and tank ammunition. We also develop and fabricate cloths for other ammunition components.  More recently, we have extended our work to other military applications such as insecticidal, chemical and biological agent-shedding and anti-bacterial/microbial textile treatments.

We are the principal suppliers to the U.S. Government for cartridge cloth and all our fabrics are produced to U.S. Government specifications. These fabrics are compatible with single, double, and triple base propellants and withstand long term storage with such propellants. The cloth constructions are designed to survive rough handling in accordance with U.S. military requirements.

Certified laboratory reports and certifications are furnished with each shipment. Further, we have developed fabrics and treatments for specific requirements taking into account all necessary chemical and physical properties. This research and development work is of an on-going nature.